Almost all online poker sites offer sign-up bonus offers for first deposits but these bonuses are not created equal. When looking for the best online poker bonus, there are several factors that you should put to consideration. Firstly, the amount of bonus offered is very important as there are some poker sites that match your deposit amount up to thousands of dollars. A common feature of all types of poker bonus offers is that the bonus money is not readily accessible. This is because poker site owners and operators want to ensure that you meet the set criteria to unlock and gain access to the bonus.

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Defining A Poker Bonus

A poker bonus can be described best as a cash reward offered by online poker sites to real money poker players after making their first deposit.

Why are bonuses offered by online poker sites?

Poker sites offer bonuses as incentives to attract more players by enabling them build their bankroll thereby motivating them to continue playing at the site of choice. The bonus amounts offered to players are generated from the entry fee charged for tournaments and the revenue collected from real cash poker games.

Types of Poker Bonuses

Best online poker bonusThere are several kinds of bonuses offered in poker sites. These include:

Match bonus 

These are the most popular bonus offers in poker sites. In this type of bonus, poker sites match the deposit amount by a specific percent up to a given amount. Most sites match the deposit amount by 100% such that if you deposit $100, the poker site awards you a $100 bonus. However, these bonuses are not instantly released to players after making a deposit as poker sites requires players to play several numbers of hands before the bonus can be unlocked.

Reload Bonus 

A reload bonus is a cash reward awarded to players who deposit or reload more money into their accounts. This bonus is quite similar to initial bonus except that it is provided on a lesser percentage hence is of a lesser amount than the initial deposit.

Instant Sign-up Bonus 

This is one of the rarest types of bonuses offered by online poker sites. There are a few sites that offer instant cash bonuses after signing up. The bonus amount is directly deposited into the player’s account and is usually in small amounts ranging from $1 to $10.

Referral Bonus

A referral bonus is a special kind of bonus awarded to players who refer other players to register and play at the same site. In most cases, the bonus amount offered is $25-$50 with the bonus amount being dependent on the number of hands played by the referred player.

How to clear bonus

Players are required to earn FPPs (Frequent Player Points) to unlock their bonus offers. These points are accumulated according to the amount of rake paid.

Signing up for poker bonus with a bonus code

Generally, there are two ways you can use to register for a poker bonus. These include:

Deposit Code

A deposit code consists of an alphanumerical combination that has the letters and numbers you are going to enter during the sign up process. All you need to do is enter the deposit code in the field that asks for the bonus code in the sign up process to be eligible for a bonus.

Download Link

This is the easiest method of signing up for a bonus as you only need to click on the download link and you qualify for the bonus.

Best ways of clearing poker bonus

To clear your poker bonus, you will need to play several raked hands. There are numerous tricks and tips that you can use to clear this bonus. These include:

Avoid bigger bonus offers

It goes without saying that big bonus offers are quite difficult to clear. As such, it is best to stick to small bonuses such as $10-$50 as these are very easy to clear.

Read the rules

Read and understand the rules provided for the bonus offers. For instance, you should know the timeline required for you to clear the bonus. Ensure that you are aware of the expiration date after which the bonus will be come non-existent.

Choose the right bonus for you

You should always settle on a bonus that is right for you depending on your playing style. Some of the factors worth considering when searching for the right bonus are such as the expiration date, the number of FFPS required for clearing the bonus, and the paying mode of the bonus: whether in installments or a one-off lump sum payment.