Meet the Slots

Slots are very popular in gaming facilities. Players chose slots because of their bright design, rather simple rules, variety of bets and really huge jackpots. Certainly, all the players are interested in answering the question: how to win playing slots? For starters, remember a simple rule: there is no way you can turn casino’s edge to your advantage playing slots so you can’t win on slots all the time. However, casino regulars have certain recommendations for newbies to play on slots and give advice on the selection of them to increase your winning chances.

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  1. Choose the kind of slot

Slots are usually categorized on whether they have jackpot, the number of reels and bonus games. In the first variation of slots, small portion of every bet goes to the jackpot. If you’re playing on the slot of some big network, jackpot is saved from all the slots of the network and usually is very big. Such slots save jackpot even being installed in different casinos. Those slots have 5 reels and random numbers generator so one can’t effect the probability of winnings.

  1. Special symbols

Those symbols diversify the play on the slots. The most common symbol is scatter. It is different from other images in the way it is being paid on despite its position or active lines. Those symbols can be place anywhere on the screen and you just need to have three of them to gather the win. If there are more on the screen, the winnings are bigger. The payout amount depends on the size of the bet, not on the size of the bet on a certain line. This is very beneficial for the player. Some slots activate bonus game or give other advantages in certain slots.

Another popular symbol is called wild. It replaces any other image. That means, if you have two similar symbols and wild, the line wins. It doesn’t replace scatter and some excluded images.

The third kind is bonus images. They are made to activate bonus games. Such games can be started by scatter symbols, but certain slots have special symbols for that. To activate the game you need a certain number of these symbols or certain placing of the on the screen.

  1. Payout percentage

This is the major criteria for finding the profitable slot, therefore, increasing the chances to win. There are slots that pay out up to 98%.

  1. Bonus games

This type of games is profitable to the players and there are two types: free spins or playing at another screen. When selecting the slot, decide which option is the best for you. Free spin becomes possible after certain images appear on the screen, after that you’re able to play several free rounds. Oftentimes, payouts increase multiple times during the game multiple times. Playing on a special screen, players is able to solve several tasks. Typical play is the selection of several options. If you’re selecting winning option, the following rounds will have higher multiplier, though you’re able to stop at any moment.

After studying all the specialties of the games, you will increase your chances to win. Also follow certain betting strategies, however, there are none strategies giving significant boost. You can’t solve the secret of random numbers generator. Regular winnings in slots are usually the result of fraud. So keep your thoughts straight playing video slots, make breaks and believe in your luck.

Certainly, to increase the probability of winning, play at the slots with the highest return percentage and try to play on demo versions od games to get the rules and make no mistakes. Remember the main rule of the casino: there is a certain moment for any player when he is winning. Catch this moment and leave. Also, play only in proven casinos to not become the victim of fraudsters.

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