Texas holdem is the most popular poker game out there. Texas Holdem is seen all over tv and that has help risen it to such stardom with people winning tournaments worth millions. It is especially popular played online. There are hundreds of sites offering texas holdem so which one should you go to? That’s where we step in as online poker experts we have already compared and rated the best texas holdem poker sites below. These texas holdem poker sites have all the variations of the game such as: no limit, fixed limit and pot limit games to play 24/7 around the clock

Best Sites for Texas Holdem Poker Online Real Money

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History Of Texas Holdem Poker

texas holdem poker online real moneyTexas holdem poker was a game started in the early nineteen hundreds in Texas. The game made its way to Las Vegas and rose in popularity with some well known players such as Doyle Brunson and Amarillo Slim. In 1970 the WSOP World Series of Poker Was launched. This is an annual event that still goes on where the top poker players around the globe meet to play various poker games including texas holdem. The game definitely did change when a amateur named Chris Moneymaker won the main event of the World Series of Poker. Chris Moneymaker was an ametuer and not even a professional player. Soon to follow everybody wanted to be the next Chris Moneymaker and poker rooms started filling up.

How The Game Is Played

Texas holdem poker is played with the person getting two cards which are face down, those are known as the whole cards these are dealt to each player at the poker table. Next the dealer deals out 5 community cards which everybody can use in three steps.  The first three cards to be dealt out are what’s called the flop, followed by the fourth card which is the turn and the final fifth card to be turned over is the river.  You can bet at each one of those steps and have the options to check, bet or raise. To win you have to have the best 5 cards. If you have the best five cards you win the whole pot, if you tie then you share the pot.

Online Texas Holdem FAQ

Can I really play texas holdem online for real money?

Yes you can at any one of our recommended poker sites that we list.

Can I play texas holdem for free?

Sure you can all of the sites allow you to play for free and some have daily freeroll tournaments where you can even win real money.

Why is texas holdem poker so popular?

One reason is that it is broadcasted on tv and viewers see professionals and even amateurs winning millions playing. Everybody remembers when Chris Moneymaker won the world series event years ago.

Can I play in online texas holdem poker tournaments?

Yes you can all these sites have tournaments running around the clock for fun and real money you should have no problems finding a tournament to get into.

Who wins if its a tie?

If its a tie you both share all the chips in the pot.

Can I play no limit texas holdem at these sites?

No limit texas holdem are some of the most played poker games on these poker sites so yes.